Special Session: Microgrid

Access to reliable, safe and affordable energy is one of the key challenges humanity must address and resolve during the 21st century. This challenge is particularly acute in South East Asia where more than 100 million people have no access to reliable electricity due to varying reasons. A commonly cited reason is the lack of infrastructure to connect remote areas to the national grid. While production of electricity using diesel generators is an alternative for the off-grid locations, there are still challenges for the transportation of fuel supply to the remote regions and the economic factors have to be considered as well.

In this microgrid special session on 31 October 2018, you will hear from the speakers on the innovations to address some of the challenges to electrify remote regions. While tapping onto renewables such as solar photovoltaic is an option, the unreliable nature also poses some issues to deliver sustainable electricity. The techniques to sustain and deliver reliable electrification throughout day and night will be discussed.

Speakers information coming soon…